The LSB Experience is my main Band today.
In oktober 2020 we will be 10 years old !!
We are playing theaters, festivals,
and making albums.
And having a lot, I mean a lot of fun !!
Hans, Marcel, Rob en Peter, thank you for hanging around ! 


Marcel Luntungan, Hans Sligter,

Peter Deiman, Rob Hendriks

and  Sjoerd van den Broek

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BenB LSB hoes .jpg

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"The Experience" is our first album with originals recorded in Cincinati

at the Bamboo Roomstudio of engineer/producer  Erwin Musper. 


Video " Think Twice".  

Video "I wish I could tell you"

Video CD Recordings BambooRoom.

Video  "Only a dream".:Live 

Video "Shadows of guns"

"Flashbacks" is our first album with songs of the US "West Coast" singer/songwriters.


Video "Helplessly hoping"

Video "Landslide".

Video "Carry on".