The album is almost finished  !! Containing 12 to 15 songs, 
I played, produced and mixed it by myself, except for the drums by great friend and critical listener Peter Deiman.
The audio mastering, as always, done by the fantastic Peter Brussee (Q-point) .
I am very exited and thankfull that I got a band together to do the live promotion for the album and hopefully play a lot of gigs after this corona crisis.
Drums Peter Deiman - Bass Rob Hendriks  
Keys Andy Niemeyer - Guitar Jan Niewold
The first single "On your way"  was released  august 2020 
Here is the link : Spotify
Management Marc Hofstede
( Ambassadors of Entertainment)
Video Clip "On your way" 
Filmed and edited by
Finn van den Broek
Video clip "Green Twigs".
Filmed and edited by
Finn van den Broek
Video Clip "The Ballad of AROTR"
Tribute to the greatest Beatles festival in the world Abbey Road on the River.
New Solo Album "Why Not ?     ALMOST FINISHED  !!

"Just Like That" is my first solo album I made in 2012.

I performed, produced, mixed the album myself in my own Studio Keynote.

I really like playing in a band, the fun, the  interaction.

But sometimes I want to create something on my own.

No time stress, no agenda's to combine , no musical compromises :) 

If you want to listen to a compilation, press the button

Link to full album : Spotify

Solo shows. (click here for details)

The great thing of playing solo shows is that you can play whatever you want :)

I mean, I like the Beatles, but also Keane, Oasis or the BeeGees and the Carpenters, or some blues or Rock and Roll and guilty pleasures....

And of course my own songs.I now have a setlist of about 150 songs.

Interested in a solo show ?          contact me.           Setlist