Sometimes people ask me what my greatest ambition is.

Most of the time I say : "just having a good time and try to create that for the people around me as well. Music helps a lot with that :) 

Talking about musical ambition....

I was extremely impressed by the first solo album of Paul McCartney .

He composed and played everything himself .

That's when I found  my musical ambition !!!

I wanted to compose, play the instruments and also do the mix myself.

That all came together the first time by making the album "Just like that".

I made this album in 2012 and I think that musically and also regarding arrangements and mixing, it was the best I could do.

Today I would do it different but I am still proud of what I created. back then.



Solo shows. (click here for details)


The great thing of playing solo shows is that you don't have to discuss the songs you're gonna play :) 

I mean, I like the Beatles, but also Keane, Oasis or the BeeGees and the Carpenters, or some blues or Rock and Roll and guilty pleasures....

And of course my own songs.

I now have a setlist of about 150 songs.

Interested in a solo show ? contact me.


This is de more or less updated  Setlist