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New Solo Album "Why Not ? OUT NOW  !!

Meet my live band The Grades here

Although I really enjoy live performing and being on the road with The LSB Experience, The McClannon Brothers or Solo, I also love to spend a lot of time in my music man cave..

My musical hero is Paul McCartney and, amongst other things, I was very impressed when he recorded his solo album “McCartney”, playing all the instruments himself en doing most of the recordings at home.

The freedom of creating, playing, producing and arranging your own music, whenever you want, as long as you want and not needing anyone else, became my great ambition.

I succeeded, my music man cave, my own studio called Keynote.

Being a sound engineer as well, gives me even more freedom regarding mixing, diving in sounds and creative studio possibilities.

I was planning to create my second solo album for a long time, but I did not have the time. 

And then the Covid 19 pandemic changed the world…….

Live performances stopped so now there was time to make this album.

I asked my favourite drummer/percussionist and dear friend Peter Deiman to record the drums in his own drum studio. All the other instruments I played myself.

My buddy Hans Sligter is, apart from being one of the best musicians I know, also a fantastic designer, so he helped me out with the art work .

Here it is !

So many people have doubts or questions ….. why?…..

I choose for  … Why Not? 

I extremely enjoyed making this album, I hope you like listening to it .

X Sjoerd.

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Why Not ?

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Unboxing The CD's 

Compilation "Why Not?"

Compilation 2 Why Not ?

Video clip "Green Twigs".
Video Clip "The Ballad of AROTR"
Video Clip "On your way" 

"Just Like That" is my first solo album I made in 2002.

I performed, produced, mixed the album myself in my own Studio Keynote.

Different times, different sound, different songwriting, but still proud :) 

If you want to listen to a compilation, press the button

Link to full album : Spotify

Solo shows. (click here for details)

The great thing of playing solo shows is that you can play whatever you want :)

I mean, I like the Beatles, but also Keane, Oasis or the BeeGees and the Carpenters, or some blues or Rock and Roll and guilty pleasures....

And of course my own songs.I now have a setlist of about 150 songs.

Interested in a solo show ?          contact me.           Setlist  


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