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The Beatles are my greatest inspiration. ever !

Between 2005 and 2008 I played in

The Strawberry Beats,

A tribute band without the wigs .

In 2007 we performed in the Cavern Liverpool !

Winner Golden Apple Award(Beatles fanclub Holland)

Band : Hans Sligter, Bert Beenen, Peter Deiman,

Pascal Vermeer, Michel Pagie and me.


Video "Come and get it".

Video  "Hey Bulldog" 

Video "It was 40 years ago today" Liverpool

I played in The koffers between 1985 and 2019 !!

Great Rock and Roll, great friends

and thousands of beers !!

Band : Frank Schaafsma, Ton Broekhuis, Wim Stoffels,

Gerrit-Jan van Putten, Max Rozenbeek and me.


Promo Video 30 jaar Koffers

Video Single "R&R Music



I miss him still, my great friend and

musical companion Bert Beenen.

He left us in 2017 after fighting cancer for 6 years .

One of the sweetest en funniest persons on the planet.

We played in many bands together ( The Koffers, The Strawberry Beats and Schubert & the Schuberettes )  

Every 2 years we recorded a song during the European or World soccer tournament about the Dutch soccer team.

Video Fc de Paal "Dr'op en dr'over. 

Video Fc de Paal "Met z'n eleven naar voren".

Video Fc de Paal "Bloemkool"

Video Fc de Paal "Soldaten van Oranje"      

Video Fc de Paal " We gaan we winnen".

In 1980 I started working as a sound engineer for Dutch radio. We were aloud to fool around in the studios and do some recordings.

Together with my more experienced  colleague  

Bert Vervoorn ,we recorded more then 30 crazy songs.

I learned a lot from him, and also from my former boss

and friend Ruud Kleijn, about mixing and songwriting.

A very inspiring time , still extremely thankful !

On the left a compilation of some songs

we recorded in the eighties.



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