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A Tribute to Paul McCartney by Sjoerd van den Broek.


Paul McCartney is my all time musical hero.

At age 15 I saw Macca for the first time with his band Wings in Ahoy Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

From that day the love for his music and of course from the Beatles never disappeared.

I wanted to be a musician, and later on also a producer and sound engineer.

Through music I met fantastic people, gained so many friends and it brought me to beautiful places all over the world.

With the band The LSB Experience to England : The Cavern in Liverpool, holy ground of course, Beat at TenCreek in Looe, shows in London and more.

In the USA I played for 12 years at the Beatles festival Abbey Road on the River and the last 4 years on some fantastic Music Cruises at the Caribbean

( The FlowerPower Cruise & the Rock and romance Cruise) together with bands as 10CC, The Zombies, Foreigner, the Beach Boys, the Hollies and many more. A Wonderfull experience ! 


In 2022 I started what I was planning to do for a very long time :

A homage to … even more a “thank you” to my hero :

A Tribute to Paul McCartney.

Just me with my guitar playing his fantastic songs… Beatles, Wings and from his solo albums.

But also telling the stories and playing some songs of people connected to Macca.

The Shows in 2022, in small venues and theatre’s, were received very well and many were sold out !!

So fantastic to perform this show, so I will continue in 2023 :) 

Hope to see you there.

X  Sjoerd.

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